Thursday, March 6, 2008

“Walking the Missoula Half Marathon” Good Food Store Seminar

The Missoula Marathon & The Good Food Store presents:

“Walking the Missoula Half Marathon”

March 10, 2008 Monday at 7 pm at the Good Food Store classroom.The Good Food Store will once again be hosting these monthly seminars, PLUS providing the fabulous food for marathon runners at the Missoula Marathon.

In Run Wild Missoula’s mission statement we talk about promoting running and walking. We have finally found a great way to get that walking message across through the Missoula Marathon and promoting walking on the Half Marathon course.

  • Speakers: Courtney Babcock, Anders Brooker & Carla Cox
Walking the half marathon requires all the same elements one recognizes that goes with runner training: a smart training program, motivation, persistence, the proper nutrition, correctly fitted shoes, injury prevention and more. This will all be addressed at the free seminar. If you or someone you know might enjoy the challenge of walking 13.1 miles, make sure you come to this seminar.
The event is free, but seating is limited to 40-50. The Good Food Store is located at 1600 S. Third St. W., Missoula

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