Thursday, April 24, 2008

Missoula Marathon Sponsors of the Week

Missoula Marathon Sponsors of the Week
The Axmen and First Security Bank

How do you find a sweep vehicle that doesn’t take up the whole road, conserves gas, is capable of picking up a stray runner here and there, and keeps the person in the vehicle happy and shaded? Axmen! Axmen carries golf carts, and cheerfully not only loaned theirs, but filled it with gas, dropped it off AND picked it up! Then they agreed to do the same thing in 2008! You should really make a point of going out there and thanking them, as you look around, and perhaps purchase something. They’re at Highway 10, past the airport just before you hit the WYE interchange.

Then who do you find to DRIVE the vehicle? Someone willing to sit in a golf cart for a minimum of six hours, make sure no stray runners need assistance, notify the aid stations that, yes, this is the LAST runner, and follow the last person into the finish line. Last year Barb Callahan of First Security Bank said, “I’ll drive the golf cart!” Were we ever delighted. She was especially great because the golf cart became the catering vehicle for a small group of women who had given up on running and walked to the finish. This year, Barb is planning to run the Missoula Half Marathon, but First Security Bank says they are sure to have another driver ready for the Axmen golf cart. Thank you to First Security for filling this important position at the end of the race!
Would you like to become a Missoula Marathon Sponsor?
Contact Race Director: Jennifer Straughan 406 626-4055 for details.

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