Monday, June 16, 2008

Missoula Marathon Sponsor of the Week

Mountain Line Offers Free Bus Service

In honor and support of the Missoula Marathon, Mountain Line, the local bus service, is offering free transportation all day on Saturday, July 12th. Mountain Line doesn’t have bus service on Sundays (after all, this is a small town), but they are more than happy to help out on Saturday, the day of the Expo when all the athletes must come into Caras Park Pavilion to receive their packet. Mountain Line has a limited number of days they are allowed to offer this free service, so we are thrilled that they are using one of them for our event.

No matter who you are: runner, non-runner, friend, family, spectator, Missoula resident, visitor – it doesn’t matter. All bus rides are free! To find out the bus schedule, log on to Mountain Line is based out of downtown Missoula, close to the location of the Expo on Saturday. Getting around Missoula should be easy for you without a vehicle.

This one way our community has of saying, “Welcome to Missoula! We hope you enjoy your stay and come back soon.

Thank you for supporting those who support the Missoula Marathon!

Would you like to become a Missoula Marathon Sponsor?
Contact Race Director: Jennifer Straughan 406 626-4055 for details.

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