Monday, July 6, 2009

Weather for Sunday, July 12

The weather forecast for race day is typical weather for mid-July, starting in the low 50's and ending in the high 80's. It doesn't hit the high until mid to late afternoon, so when the race closes at 12:30 it will be closer to mid 70's. Get ready for great running weather and bring your sunblock.

To help you run a little faster, we have planted some mosquitos along the course. It's a happy healthy mosquito year in western Montana so we didn't have any difficulty finding plenty. In truth, there are only certain spots but when I was placing "marathon route" signs along the country roads I was able to find those pockets easily. For those of you who hate mosquitos but mosquitos love you, I'd suggest some repellent.
It's almost race day! Woo hoo!

Thank you for running.
Jennifer Straughan
Race Director

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