Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Run Wild Missoula Cleans Up for Missoula Marathon

At 8:30 a.m., this past Saturday morning, with their coffee in one hand, gloves and trash bags in the other, approximately three dozen volunteers showed up at the location of the start of the Missoula Half Marathon on Blue Mountain Road, to receive their instructions to clean up trash from the Missoula Marathon and Half Marathon courses. Young and old were eager to get started. Our volunteers had a fantastic “can-do” attitude, and donated anywhere between two and seven hours of their time to collect a total of at least 45 bags of trash, amongst a lot of other, at times, very strange objects, one would never expect to find on rural roads of Montana. The clean-up efforts for the Missoula Full Marathon and Half Marathon courses were very successful, and we want to thank Frank Scariano Construction for donating his truck and gas. We could not have done it without his truck!

We are confident you will enjoy our great, stunningly-beautiful, and clean Missoula Marathon or Half Marathon. Safe travels to all of you, no matter how far your journey may be! And, thank you for choosing the Missoula Marathon as your next Marathon!

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