Friday, January 21, 2011

Jeff Galloway to Run/Walk/Run the Missoula Marathon

All of us on the Missoula Marathon Committee had a great time hosting Jeff Galloway's visit to Missoula this week. We hope people who thought that completing a half or full marathon was just beyond all possibility, will now reconsider using Jeff's run/walk/run method. We have been trained and are ready to pass that information on to anyone who would like to hear.

Best of all, Jeff promised that when he returns in July for our event, that he will participate and anyone may run with he and his wife, Barbara.

Thank you, Jeff for spending time in Missoula -- especially in January!


ShoreysStories said...

I would love to hear more

shelly said...

I just completed my first marathon with Jeff's coaching and plan! He is great!!!!