Monday, June 6, 2011

Missoula Marathon Registrations

After a flurry of online registrations and a flood of paper forms on May 15 - the deadline to register for the cheapest rates - I am predicting that 1,500 people will sign up for the marathon and 2,500 for the half marathon.

Well, "prediction" is a bit strong. "Guess" is more like it.

I do know that my database has someone from every state except Rhode Island; perhaps someone from RI is in the large stack of forms I have to work through.

Lots of Canadians have signed up (43, so far), and a couple of runners from Switzerland. The first US Territory to be represented at themarathon is Puerto Rico. We also have runners with addresses in Hong Kong, Scotland, Italy, Belgium, Korea, and Iraq.

Interestingly, there are people from towns with the same name but indifferent states: Victor, Montana and Victor, New York. Clinton is an especially popular city name: Montana, Tennessee, Iowa, and California.

Yep, paying attention to trivia like that is what keeps me awake at nights.
~ Vic Mortimer, Missoula Marathon Registration Director

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