Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Get the Kids Involved in the Missoula Marathon

Wow - April 1st has come and gone and it's already time to start logging miles for the Missoula Kids Marathon. Registrations are slowly coming in, so if you haven't sent yours in yet, please mail it or drop it by The Runner's Edge. Most area elementary schools are participating by helping kids log miles through running clubs and some teachers are running with their classes. Ask about this at your school.

Remember, you can log miles by running, walking, hiking, swimming, or any continuous physical activity. Fifteen minutes of physical activity equals one mile! Mile tickets are online at the Missoula Marathon website and you can print them off and give them to your coaches to fill in to help you log miles.

Look for the schedule for "Moving with the Mayor" runs at local parks in the Missoula Parks and Recreation brochure recently distributed in The Missoulian. This will be a fun way to meet the mayor, log miles, and get to know your neighborhood park!

Run, Have Fun, Be Healthy!

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