Monday, April 27, 2009

Missoula Marathon to be Capped at 30,000

Alright it’s true: We don’t have 30,000 runners, nor do we expect 30,000 runners, but we’ll be very pleased when we have 3,000 runners (please notice we’re missing one entire zero here). After all, Missoula Montana is the kind of place you have to really want to get to. We don’t have flights zooming in and out with non-stops all day and night. We’re not particularly close to anything else, unless you call a 3 hour drive to Spokane with two passes “close.” If you go north you have to hit Calgary before you have anything really worth commenting on in regards to size, south it’s Salt Lake City, and east the biggest thing happening is Billings, Montana before traveling for days and eventually staggering into Minneapolis.

Now of course that’s also the appeal. Sure – we’re hard to get to. Just ask Lewis and Clark. They had to consume 7,000 calories a day just to get here. But once they did get here they liked it so much they left a few monuments and named some things, like the Lewis & Clark Taverns and Great Falls. Plus Lewis & Clark noticed – and you will too – that we’ve got hot springs all over the place out here. Very pleasant. You’ll like them. Not to mention Glacier National Park and the grandfather of them all – Yellowstone.

If you like driving, we are a direct line along I-90. If you just ran Boston you can start there and work your way this direction, never wavering far from the big fat I-90 line that ends in Seattle.

So back to our future race cap: our race numbers for the Missoula Half Marathon are more than double at this point, and the Marathon is 1 ½ times more. This does not put us in danger of reaching 30,000 runners yet, but we’re enthusiastic anyway.

Thank you for registering for the Missoula Marathon, Half Marathon, Marathon Relay or Missoula Kids Marathon! We look forward to seeing you this summer!

-Jennifer Straughan

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