Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Photo Packet Deal for the Missoula Marathon

Today I received the question, "Is the photo offer for Half Marathon participants as well as Marathon participants?" Our photography company, Race Photos, is offering a great deal on pre-purchases of photos. You can receive all your photos for just $10 if you sign up now or at the Expo. The answer to the question is, "absolutely!" Anyone participating in the Missoula Marathon, Half Marathon, or Marathon Relay can take advantage of this offer. Be sure to check it out! www.RacePhotos.net or on our website you'll find the offer on our registration page.

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Anonymous said...

They charged $25 at the Expo not $10 like your blog says...just wanted you to know...As well I registered in October 2009 and many of the Great offers were not available at the time thru Active. Had a wonderful experience on Sunday.