Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Psych Yourself Up -- the Last Missoula Marathon Good Food Store Seminar

The free Good Food Store seminars that prepare runners for the Missoula Marathon every year have concluded the begining of June, with the race mid-July. Why not have a seminar in July? Because if you don't have it together by the beginning of July, you probably should train for next year -- not this one.

HOWEVER all that is about to change because we now have a Sports Psychologist who is going to Pump You Up right before race day. Charles Palmer, Assistant Professor in the Health & Human Performance Department at the University of Montana is the guy to do it. I'm sure you have been reading about all the professional athletes who have overcome huge psychological obstacles to win -- and now you can too! Well, maybe not win, but overcome psychological obstacles to a better performance, yes.

Monday, June 28th, 7 pm at the Good Food Store. Mark it down now. It's free -- come early because everyone will want to hear this!

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