Tuesday, February 22, 2011

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2010 batch of 1200 Mile Club Members!

What an extraordinary accomplishment. Look for these members to be sporting flashy new embroidered arm warmers, last year's coveted prize for their efforts.

If you would like to be a part of this years crop of elite runners simply post your miles online under the 1200 mile club menu (its under the [Home]tab of the RWM website). The "add miles" icon is found at the bottom of the 1200 mile page. Happy Running!

1200 Mile Club 2010 Members:

Tim Mosbacher: 2,531.00
Pat Cross: 2,180.00
Vicky Mix: 1,902.50
Ken Ellis: 1,896.00
John Herring: 1,869.00
Vo von Sehlen: 1,850.00
Tammy Mocabee: 1,773.00
Sharon Sterbis: 1,703.50
Donna Ayres: 1,619.00
Julie Gilchrist: 1,566.40
Roni Lett: 1,562.00
J.B. Yonce: 1,561.87
Danelle Gjetmundsen: 1,540.00
Justin Grigg: 1,505.00
Rick Ryan: 1,452
Jim Ryan Jr: 1,329.00
Christine Everett: 1,279.00
Donn Livoni: 1,230.00
Janet Kenter: 1,230.00
Samantha Kitchen: 1,227.00
Spencer Wolny: 1,218.00
Jake Jessop: 1,213.00
Bridget Johnson: 1,208.30
David Anderson: 1,205.3
Nichole Corona: 1205.2
Ben Schmidt: 1,202.00
Glenn Govertsen: 1,202.00
Katie Spaid: 1,201.00
Kandace Kannberg: 1,200.01

~Kristina Hurley, 1200 Mile Committee Chair, club1200@runwildmissoula.org

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