Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thank you! – Jennifer Straughan

As you may know, Jennifer Straughan has resigned her position as race director for the Missoula Marathon.

Jen has been involved with Run Wild Missoula and the Missoula Marathon since the beginning. She is a visionary who isn't afraid to dream big. She also knows how to rally people into helping her carry out those dreams. And through those efforts, in just four short years the Missoula Marathon was voted "Best Overall Marathon" in the country!

I know I speak for everyone on the Run Wild Missoula board of directors when I say that we truly appreciate all that Jen has done for this organization and for Missoula. And I'm pleased, personally, that she had enough faith in me to pull me into the group three years ago.

Anyone who has worked with Jennifer knows she has boundless energy and enthusiasm. She also has a life beyond the Missoula Marathon with other obligations that are more important in her life right now. The rest of the board and I respect the decision Jen made, and support what is best for her and for her family.

With that said, the board of directors determined that Anders Brooker will take over as race director for the 2011 marathon. He has worked with Jen over the last month so that he may officially take over on March 1. Jennifer's last day as race director is February 28. To comply with the by-laws of this organization, Anders has resigned his seat on the board of directors. Later this year, we will open the position to all applicants and go through the process of hiring a long-term marathon race director.

Please join me in offering a HUGE thank you to Jennifer Straughan for EVERYTHING she has done including creating a marathon committee full of involved, engaged, hard-working and enthusiastic people to carry her vision forward. What a legacy! All the best to you, Jen.
-Jean Zosel, President, Run Wild Missoula Board of Directors

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