Thursday, November 17, 2011

Upcoming Beer Runs

Official Fall Greetings from the Chancellor of Libations.

As much as it pains me I, the Chancellor of Libations, must apologize to the legions of Beer Runners. Yes I am down on my knees begging forgiveness for selecting a meeting place that had scheduled an EMERGENCY that required a full scale evacuation and the assistance of the Missoula City Fire Department. But rest assured that in the future I will endeavor to ensure that our Beer Runs will never suffer another scheduling conflict of this nature.

Still we managed to have an unprecedented Beer Run, somewhere between 70 and 80 of us descended upon the Draught Works on a cool but beautiful fall evening. We charged off in a great mass heading into the North side neighborhoods laying siege to the streets. In spite of our best efforts at stealth running we managed to draw cheers and waves from the many adoring
residents as we wound our way to the cemeteries. I encountered a true life first when a couple girls ran along with us for a couple blocks.

If you get a chance please take a moment to thank the folks at the city cemetery for staying open a bit late to allow our hoard to enjoy our tour of the historic Missoula City Cemetery. and it was a beautiful evening to enjoy the tour with all the fall leaves.

Another highlight for me was the first hundred yards or so of the Catholic Cemetery, as we turned through the gate a deep golden orange blanket of leaves carpeted the road leading to the far corner, and I loved the crunch and swish of the leaves under my clomping feet, but a few of our fellow Beer Runners mentioned that they were more concerned about the leaves hiding potholes and tank traps.

I am a bit embarrassed to admit this but I have our next three Beer Runs planned, well I have the meeting locations selected:

November 30th we will make our second annual pilgrimage to home of the greatest fried chicken in Missoula when we descend upon Double Front Chicken for our poultry fest.

December 28th we will again head to the South side of Missoula to tour the Griswold neighborhoods, this year we will meet at Desperados on Russell.

January we will give the Draught Works a second chance to experience our presence. I can't wait to see what "emergency" they come up with this time to leave us standing on their doorstep.

Until then have a great Thanksgiving.
~Pat Cross, Chancellor of Libations

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