Monday, November 14, 2011

View From The Back

I run because I can…..I run “for the health of it!”

The “spark” of my running inspiration came from my daughter-in-law, Maggie. She said, “I’m going to run the Missoula Marathon, you should do it, too.” I doubted myself and my ability to do it, so I just forgot about it… I thought! That challenge to run lay there, in the back of my mind growing into a “bucket list” desire to achieve that level of fitness. I have always strived for fitness and good health, staying active and attempting to watch my diet. That became especially true after going through surgery for cancer three years ago. It now became a consuming desire to take better care of my body, and ease my restless mind.

When the opportunity to hear Jeff Galloway speak in Missoula arose, I jumped at it! His talk so inspired me and made me KNOW I could attain this level of fitness. I COULD run a marathon! With his guidance, and the guidance from his trained group leaders the journey began!

I wavered a bit after those first training sessions. I remember our first run! We were told to “Go out, and run down Higgins Avenue to about Strand, run a block, walk a block. WHEW! I thought I would not make it back to the Runner’s Edge, there in the winter cold, snow and ice. Yikes! For nearly a week my leg muscles let me know they did not like this new endeavor; I could barely hobble up the steps into my house!

But, as days/weeks/months flew past, awesome friendships were formed, runner’s muscles developed, running routines were forged and memories of dark, icy mornings were a joy to look back on.

Six months later, the exhilarating, and awe-inspiring joy of crossing that finish line after 26.2 miles was mind boggling! It left me, well…..left me ready for the next challenge. Jeff Galloway’s program and the Run Wild Missoula BOP program have truly become wonderful additions to my life!
~Suzanne Burwick

Being an Athlete is
a state of mind
which is not bound by age,
performance or
place in the running pack.

~Jeff Galloway

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