Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Missoula Marathon Sponsor of the Week

Spotlight on Alpine Physical Therapy

Alpine Physical Therapy is the yearly and exclusive physical therapy sponsor of the Missoula Marathon. This prestigious sponsorship puts us face-to-face with runners of all skill levels, giving us opportunities to provide consultation to all participants and to present numerous training seminars for area marathoners.

Our team of seven physical therapists provides both pre- and post-race massages for all Missoula Marathoners. In addition, we offer free injury consultations both before and after the race.

We offer a unique service for all runners called The Runner’s Clinic. The Runner’s Clinic is overseen by expert physical therapist, Angela Vap, DPT. Angela is the only Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapist in the state Montana. As such, she is an expert diagnostician, particularly as it relates to sport biomechanics associated with high-mileage running.

Participants entering The Runner’s Clinic undergo 2-D video analysis of their stride, along with a comprehensive body and movement examination. Integrating the 2-D video analysis with the clinical exam provides an exacting assessment for identifying running faults that can contribute to injury and impact performance. The results of the examination form the basis of specific corrective exercises that you’ll begin learning and doing on day one! For more information on The Runner’s Clinic, be sure to visit our website at http://www.alpineptmissoula.com/,
and click on Programs and Specialties.

Gaining knowledge about your injury and what you can do to resolve it puts you ahead of the pack. We invite you to peruse the Runner’s Clinic section of our website for information on various injuries common to runners. Gather additional information by clicking on the Patient Resources section of our website for news and information on these and other conditions runners face. And finally, we invite you to get updated information on running and other items on health and fun in Missoula by regularly visiting our blog at http://www.healthandfitness101.com/.

We have two locations in Missoula.

Alpine Physical Therapy, North
Our newly opened clinic is located in the North Reserve Business Center, Suite I-3, just behind Johnny Carino’s. 406-541-2606.
Alpine Physical Therapy, South
We are located in the Peak Health & Wellness Center on the corner of Highway 93 South and Blue Mountain Road. 406-251-2323.

If you’d like to schedule a free injury consultation or schedule to participate in the Runner’s Clinic, call us at 406-251-2323.

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