Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Are you an energetic, fun-loving, spirited runner with good sense of civic responsibility? Do you like to help other people reach their goals? Can you run with a smile and a purpose but not get distracted by emotion, sappy stories, and bathroom breaks? If so, you might be made of the stuff needed to join our esteemed Missoula Marathon PACER CORPS!

This established and esteemed group of do-gooders are the secret force behind the astounding success, comraderie, and fun that is the Missoula Marathon. If you think you have what it takes to lead a pace group of motivated goal-seekers to the finish line on time and without delay then please get in touch. If interested, just email PACER CORPS Coordinator, Dean McGovern at and give him your name contact information, suggested times that you can comfortably complete a marathon, and number one reason for wanting to lead folks to glory!

Pacers are tentatively being assigned to complete the marathon in the following times: 3:10; 3:20; 3:30; 3:40; 3:50; 4 hours; 4:15; 4:30; 4:45; 5 hours; and 5:30. Anyone registered for the marathon can run with, alongside, behind, or in front of any pacer group.

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