Friday, February 5, 2010

The Missoula Marathon, Jimmy Fallon and Cell Phone Shootout

Out of the blue, the Missoula Marathon was approached by a writer on the Jimmy Fallon Show (an NBC program I'd like to point out since KECI-TV is a media sponsor of the Missoula Marathon and an NBC Affiliate) asking if we'd be willing to give away a registration to a potential lucky winner of their game, Cell Phone Shootout.

On Monday, February 1st the Missoula Marathon hit the big time on national television, with our logo being displayed in the wee hours of the night during Cell Phone Shootout. If you'd like to see our logo on the Jimmy Fallon Show as opposed to everywhere else, here is the link:

None of the contestants won our prize, free registration into the Missoula Marathon, but the writer asked if he can keep this prize up on the show for a number of weeks. This means you can still see it live for yourself if you wish.

If anybody wins the free registration and then actually shows up, it will be posted on this blog and we'll make sure the contestant gets the honor deserved when arriving for our event on Sunday, July 11th.


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Anonymous said...

They gave the prize away on last night's show (6/8/10). Girl from Jersey won the sneakers on the shootout. Great mention of the Missoula Marathon went out nationwide! It was kool....