Thursday, February 11, 2010

Six and A Half Times

As of today we have six and a half times the number of registrations we had last year at this time. Our small but enthusiastic community is so excited that people want to come to Missoula and run our Marathon. We're ultra-preparing for your arrival, to the point that the registration update email that gets sent bi-monthly includes the Missoula Convention and Visitor's Bureau and the Missoula Downtown Association, who in turn send it out to all their members. We've got hotels, restaurants, Missoula International Airport (that's right... International Airport) retailers and anybody else who caters to our visitors watching the registration figures and planning accordingly.

What's also exciting is that most of the increase at this point is with the Full Marathon. Last year we had a huge increase in Half Marathon registrations, so it's fun to see the Marathon numbers on the rise to compete with the Half Marathon.

Register now... we love to see it on the report.

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Anonymous said...

We are 5 "MISSOULA MARATHON MAMAS" who entered this winter & coming all the way from New Jersey...our first time to Montana. We're really excited.