Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kids Under 14 and the Missoula Half Marathon

We occasionally are asked if children under 14 may participate in the Missoula Half Marathon. Of course they can! We encourage the whole family to participate in the Missoula Half Marathon, and whether a child is physically ready for such an undertaking is a decision the family needs to make. So you may ask, why do we have age categories for only 14 and older? That is to eliminate the competitive nature of the undertaking. We don't want to see some ten -year old kid out there running himself into the ground in order to win his/her age category. Running is supposed to be fun -- and it is. There will be plenty of time for awards. Your under-14-year-old will receive a medal, shirt, and all the other goodies that come with completing the Missoula Half Marathon. If you feel your child is ready to complete 13.1 miles, whether walking, walking and jogging or running -- by all means register!

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