Monday, March 8, 2010

Run for the Luck of It 5K Course

Course Info: Yes, the rumors are true. The race route has changed...again. This time, however, we are posting info about a course that has been officially approved by the city. Yah! The race will begin and end on Pine St. in front of Sean Kelly's. You will make your way north on Woody St. to Railroad St. Just before Railroad St. turns into Toole Ave., you will take a stair step type route over to Scott St. Once you get over the Scott St. bridge, you'll make your way a few blocks further north before heading east toward the St. Mary Cemetery (hey, RWM needs at least one run that takes folks by a cemetery!). Once you pass the cemetery, you'll begin heading back south until you reach 1st St. You'll somehow need to get over the railroads, so, yes, we are indeed taking you on a fun, winding adventure over the Northside pedestrian bridge. Once you've crossed the bridge and made it back on the road, you can breathe a sigh of relief that the strangest part of any 5k you've ever participated in is behind you. Head back down Railroad St. to Woody St. At Woody and Pine, open the throttle and make a dash for the finish line. Then celebrate your accomplishments with a hot cup of stew from Sean Kelly's and a frothy Highlander beer, compliments of Missoula Brewing Company (be sure you have a photo ID on you to prove you are certified to consumer beer!!!).

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