Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Dr. Eric Kress Signs on as Medical Director of the Missoula Marathon

The Missoula Marathon is pleased to announce that Eric Kress MD has volunteered to be the Medical Director for the Missoula Marathon. Dr. Kress will be in charge of coordinating the multiple organizations and individuals involved in medical assistance for the marathon. This is a big undertaking considering the marathon course stretches from Frenchtown to downtown Missoula!

Organizations involved include Frenchtown Rural Fire District, Missoula Rural Fire District, Missoula City Fire, Missoula Emergency Services, American Red Cross, a bicycle escort team and individual volunteers with a medical background. When you cross the finish line of the Missoula Marathon or Half Marathon and hobble over to the Medical Tent with your big blister, thank Dr. Kress and his team!

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