Wednesday, May 16, 2007

MP3 Players and Other Musical Devices

The Missoula Marathon discourages use of any devices that will interfere with an athlete's ability to listen for traffic, other runners, grizzly bears, etc. on the course. The course is open and in many parts narrow. It is up to the athlete to be aware of what's happening on the road. Thank you for understanding!
(And just kidding about the grizzly bears.)


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Anonymous said...

I usually frown on the use of headphones during a race simply because it prevents the participant from taking in the whole experience...the crowds cheering, the music, the excitement of the other runners...but that's during a 5K, 10K or even a 12K. But, for a marathon? I'm thinking, what crowd? What music? We'll largely be on our own on that beautiful course (well, at least I know that I will be a straggler)and I, for one, have used my ipod on virtually every training run that I have done so far. I really feel that the music lifts me,inspires me and keeps me moving, especially on the long runs. I have thought about this alot during the past several months of training and have always thought that my approach will be to ditch the ipod at a prearranged location to a friend or family member once I get into town. That's what I am planning on doing. Surely I am not the only runner who is moved by the music!

Jeff said...

I have to agree with anonymous. I use my mp3 on EVERY training run and I have used it in every race I have competed. I usually have it off at the start of the race when there are crowds of other runners and may have opportunity to chat, but once it clears out, I turn it on. I do turn it off again once we get towards the end of the race. You can still be aware of your surroundings even with your mp3 on and I think it is more personal preference than anything.

Edeline said...

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