Sunday, May 13, 2007

Inaugural Eugene Marathon Off to a Great Start

A couple of weekends ago I ran the Inaugural Eugene Marathon. I graduated from U of O so I was looking forward to a visit to Eugene.

The weather completely cooperated with overcast skies, mild temperatures, and no wind. The course was pretty darned flat with some hills the first five miles. The scenery was lush and green.

Eugene is a lot like Missoula, in that a river runs right through it. Naturally, many of their races utilize the miles and miles of paths lining the Willamtte and the Eugene Marathon is no exception. Apparently some of the locals complained about the familiarity of the course, but race director Richard Maher was thinking also about all the visitors, so stuck to the plan.

From a runner's point of view everything went smooth so if there were problems I wasn't cognizant of them. If you're looking for a marathon to run next year, I'd recommend it!

My only caution is to allergy sufferers (of which I am not one). You might want to check pollen counts in Eugene for that time of year. Congratulations to Richard Maher and his team for pulling off a great first event! Maybe he'll come and run ours!

Jennifer Boyer
Race Director
Missoula Marathon

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