Sunday, July 6, 2008

Missoula Marathon Sponsors of the Week

Team Effort Brings Runners Post-Race Beer

In the complex world in which we all live, and with rules and regulations being what they are, in our Inaugural event last year we were unable to offer our athletes a post-race beer. Being as our race is smackin the middle of the summer, in Montana, where it's virtually guaranteed to be hot, sunny and dry, we were disappointed about that. This year, with the combined support of Big Sky Brewing and Badlander Pub, athletes may have a free beer at the conclusion of the race!

Big Sky Brewing brews its Moose Drool and other favorites right here in Missoula, Montana, but you can find their products nationwide. They are supplying freshly brewed beer for the athletes. Badlander Pub has offered to set up shop in Caras Park on marathon day, pass out a free beer to race participants (of age), and also to sell beer to spectators, friends and family taking in the event. So if a nice, cold beer and hot summer sun go hand-in-hand for you, it will be waiting for you in Caras Park on Sunday, July 13th. Thanks again to Big Sky Brewing and Badlander!
Badlander Pub

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