Thursday, July 3, 2008

Small Alteration in Course Made

Small Alteration in Course Made

Hello Runners! In order to have the start and finish precisely where we want them to be located, we have made a small alteration in the course. It affects both Full and Half Marathon participants. We have posted the revised map, the course will be well-marked, and we’ll have volunteers at all the key junctures, so don’t be concerned about going off-course.

For those of you who have the course memorized, the change is in the Bonner Park area:

Travel south on Ronald. Do NOT turn left on E. Sussex.
Turn left one block past E. Sussex, on South Ave.
Turn left on Hilda as before.

> Course Map < (in Adobe pdf file format)

If you have questions, please email the Course Director, Courtney Babcock, at

to: Missoula Marathon Home Page

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