Saturday, July 12, 2008

Three hours left to sign up....

Get on down to the final three hours to sign up for the 2008 Missoula Marathon and pick up your race packets at the Missoula Marathon Expo at Caras Park. Pics are from the Expo this morning.

One of the cool things about the marathon are meeting the folks who have come a long way to run our marathon. Here are a group of runners waiting for the tour bus for the Missoula Marathon. Chicago, NY, Texas are where some of these folks hail from. The gal in the middle is only 5 away from completing her 50 states marathons, for the second time... fellow on her right is at 26th state marathon.

Course Director Courtney Babbock ready to board & lead the Tour of the Missoula Marathon Course earlier today..

2008 Missoula Mile Markers on display at Expo and available for purchase after the marathon.

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