Thursday, July 17, 2008

We Couldn’t Do It Without You!

Thank you to all our Sponsors for Making Sunday, July 13, 2008 a Great Day!
We Couldn’t Do It Without You!

Media Sponsors: They Got the Word Out and HOW!
Cherry Creek Radio

In-It-Knee-Deep Sponsors: It Took A Lot of Time, Money and Energy to Put This On:
Alpine Physical Therapy
Dana Gallery
The Good Food Store
Southgate Mall

Training & Information: The Hub
The Runner’s Edge

To Your Good Health Sponsor:
Community Medical Center

You Know All That Professional Traffic Control? Couldn’t Have Paid for It Without These Guys:
Missoula Bone & Joint

There Before Anybody Else Believed Sponsor:
Gold’s Gym

Understanding that Frenchtown is the Next Hopkinton Sponsor:
Clark Fork Valley Bank (located in Frenchtown)

8 Easy Ways to Register:
First Security Bank (in 8 Locations)

Understand What Really Counts Sponsors: Even with All the Great Local Cooperation, It Still Cost Money:
Montana Ace
Break Espresso
Missoula Downtown Association
Rocky Mountain School of Photography

Volunteer Organizations : Did They Have to Do This? Heck No! But We’re Glad They Did!
American Red Cross
Opportunity Resources
Camp Mak-a-Dream
Hellgate Amateur Radio Club

In-Kind Sponsors: Every Time We Didn’t Spend It, It Cost Us All Less, So Thanks
Turner Sign Arts
Big Sky Brewing
Coca Cola
VW Ice
Allied Waste Services
Exact Image
Mountain Line
ABC Rental

Kids-R-Us! Special Supporters of the Missoula Kids Marathon:
St. Patrick’s Hospital & Health Sciences Ctr.
Devlin Design
Kettlehouse Root Beer
Big Dipper Ice Cream
Missoula Sunshine Rotary
Advanced Litho Printing
Carousel for Missoula
Missoula Parks & Rec

Off to a Great (Loud) Start:
ROTC Cannon
Ted Soldowski, Cannon Hobbyist

How to Make People Feel Welcome:
Mountain Line

Makes Us Look Great:
Rattlesnake Studio

What’s a Marathon Without Aid Stations?
Montana Preferred Properties
Bronc Brew
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
El-Mar Estates Homeowners Association
Garlington, Lohn, Robinson
Partners In Home Care Inc.
Sullivan, Tabaracci & Rhoades
UofM Track & Field
Sentinel Cross Country
Blue Mountain Clinic
Sapphire Physical Therapy
Southgate Mall/Caffe Dolce
Community Bank
Camp Mak-a-Dream/BioLife
Hellgate High School
Missoula Catholic Schools
Big Flat Neighborhood
Hellgate Football

Special Forces:
Missoula Rural Fire Department
Missoula City Fire Department
Frenchtown Rural Fire Department
Missoula County Sheriff’s Dept.
Missoula City Police
Montana Highway Patrol

It Takes A Village, or TWO!
SPECIAL Thanks to Frenchtown and the City of Missoula!

Volunteers: Thank YOU!!

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