Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Course Monitors Needed..

Not Racing?

Volunteer Coordinator Wilma Tabaracci reports we still need a few more folks for Course Monitors .

Email Wilma at or head on back to the Missoula Marathon Volunteer web page for more info.


Walt Max said...

This is off topic, but I'm getting concerned that the heat will make it very difficult for slower runners to finish. At 10:30 the temp today is already past 80 and for 5-6hr runners (like myself), we could see temps approaching 90 in the last hour of so. Any thought to an unofficial earlier start? I'd gladly start an hour earlier and forgo an official time to avoid being roasted!

At the very least, PLEASE start on time!

Walt Max

Anonymous said...

If you have an earlier start or not, please make sure all runners are aware. I see you are searching for course monitors...I hope you have plenty with the heat in case someone needs a right and are in the middle of an aid station.

Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in any comments people have about running in the heat. My feeling is that the heat should not be MUCH of a factor prior to 10 am. A couple things that I always try to do:

1) Drink water/gatorade early and often. Mile 2 is not too early to start.
2) I try to avoid running through sprinklers. It feels good for a few minutes then feels worse. If you are in trouble and need to reduce core temparature just take a break, don't plan on the sprinkler giving you any salvation in that area.
3) Sponges can work good as they can help keep you refreshed without getting soaked.
4) Make absolutely sure you have good sunglasses. The pressure you will build up from squinting for 26 miles will really drain you. My personal challenge in the marathon is keeping calm and loose. Without my shades this would be impossible.
5) I am not sure about running with a headband or hat this year. There is practically no shade on this course so I may use a headband.

Anonymous said...

I ran the disney marathon this year (95% humidity and in the high 80's at the finish) and found the heat rough but do-able. I definately agree with the sunglasses comment... and would suggest a breathable hat if you have one. It helps make you feel like your in the shade, at least mentally:)
I'm also concerned about the heat... I am going to ask my family to carry ice-cubes as spectators. They help cool you off while running. You can make them with gatorade too.

The Missoula Marathon said...

Hi Walt
Being the webmaster this isn't my area of expertise but the folks at the Expo when you pick up your packet will be able to answer your questions. Some runners are switching to the half marathon which you can also do at the Expo.

Steve F.