Thursday, July 5, 2007

Gear Bags

Hard to believe that the race is only a week and change away.

The bag that you receive at registration can be used as your gear bag. My staff of gear-gophers will get those arranged by your number and will have them ready for a quick pick up.

You'll just leave it on the starting-line shuttle and it'll make it's way back to the Finish Line. Minimal stuff and of little value goes into the bag just in case of a loss. We can't be responsible for any losses you incur but DO want your experience here in Missoula to be a fine one.

My crew and I of highly trained, non-professionals are really looking forward to meeting you all and meeting any needs at the finish you might have.

See ya all in little more then a week!

Ray Somerset
Finish-Line-Gear-Bag Guy

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