Wednesday, July 18, 2007

To All Missoula Marathon, Half Marathon and Kids Marathon Participants:

Thank you all so much for coming to our event! I know people think twice before attending an "inaugural", and we did our best to prepare and organize so that you could simply enjoy yourselves as you should. You have all been extremely kind regarding the inevitable mistakes on our part, gracious to our volunteers, and in general wonderful people to have had participate.

Thank you again. We all had a wonderful time putting this on for you and we're looking forward to next year on Sunday, July 13, 2008!

Jennifer Boyer, Race Director


Anonymous said...

You did an amazing job putting this "inaugraul" marathon together. It did not feel like one at all. The volunteers and spectators made us all feel like we won the race:) You and your staff should be very proud of all the hard work. Thank you!! See you next year")

kelsi said...

Great race! Thank you to everyone involved in the planning. Looking forward to next year.

Jen said...

I second the praise. You all did a fantastic job of putting all the details together and providing a wonderful inaugural event. I am "in" for next year! Thanks to the community as a whole for the cheering, the support and especially, the sprinklers!

Anonymous said...

Great job!!! Well organized and lots of volunteers. Great support from the spectators, especially nice to have sprinklers on a hot day. Big thanks to the sponsors - I will support them in return. Look forward to next year. One suggestion - start the 1/2 marathon two hours after the start of the marathon.

Anonymous said...

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