Thursday, July 12, 2007

Missoula Marathon in the Missoulian, Wednesday, July 11th

Starting line looms: Organizers tying up loose ends before Sunday's marathon By BETSY COHEN of the Missoulian
Read about The Missoula Marathon & Race Director Jennifer Boyer in the Missoulian by clicking here. Photo by TOM BAUER/Missoulian


dig this chick said...

It is going to be hot on Sunday! I would like to know where the 15 aid stations will be and what is available at each station. I am 4.5 months pregnant and need to stay hydrated...trying to decide if I should bring my camelback. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I heard there are aid stations each mile for the last 5, and every two miles prior to that. You may want to consider having someone give you the camelback at mile 17+. Towards the end of the marathon it is really nice to be able to drink when you want to to stay in rhythm

Anonymous said...

This is off topic, but I don't know how to work a blog so I am just going to make a comment here. I would like to hear peoples impressions of the course and any advice that folks have from having trained on the course or in the Missoula Area.

I think the course is pretty fast, but there are some gotcha areas that people should keep an eye out for. The hill starting at mile 13.1 (at least according to my GPS) is short and steep, but is was the next two miles or so that messed with me mentally on my first long run on the course. You mentally top the hill then there are a number of little rises that are hard on the legs. That is followed by a steep downhill that is no recovery at all. Once you flatten out it takes the legs a while to re-adjust. This is a great time for doubts to creep into you mind since your legs will undoubtedly feel rough and there are still 10 miles to go. On my second long run, I anticipated this and focused on reestablishing my pace as I crossed the North Street Bridge. That helped a lot.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what they are going to do if a fire starts in this heat? Will the race be postponed under smoky conditions?

The Missoula Marathon said...

The list of the aid stations are on the course route page which also contains the course descriptions, maps & more.
Steve F.

Aid Stations

1 Loiselle Lane – app. 2.5 Miles
2 La Casse Lane – Near the 4 Mile Marker
3 Primrose Lane – Near the 7 Mile Marker
4 Kona Ranch and Mullan – app. 9.5 Miles
5 Paradise and Big Fla t- In between 11 & 12 Miles
6 Big Flat Rd. - before Mile 14
7 Big Flat at Upland Trail Road – past Mile 15
8 Big Flat and River Pines Corner - near Mile 16
9 Mountain view Elementary School – near Mile 18
10 Hawthorne Elementary School - near Mile 20
11 Corner of Third and Schilling near - Mile 21
12 Southgate Mall at Dillard’s Near Mile 23 Super Aid Station with Power Bar Gel
13 Bike Path at Ronan - Near Mile 24
14 Corner of 4th street and bike trail - Near Mile 25
15 Finish Line - Front and Orange 26.2 Miles

On the Half Marathon there will also be an aid station at app. 1.5 Miles before the half marathon merges with the Marathon Course at River Pines Road where there is aid station No. 8.

Anonymous said...

If the last post is correct, bring your own GU or PowerGel. Using it at Mile 23 is nearly useless

dig this chick said...

To anonymous #2,
I am really familiar with the last half...I run portions it all the time. It is flat. Two portions will be really hot: up 7th street is totally exposed and through the mall parking lot to the trail next to the railroad tracks.

I know the folks at the mile 21 aid station and I believe they will have hammer gel or some gel as well.

Good luck everyone!

Anonymous said...

Today was great, I was working at the mile 15 aid station with sentinal cross county. Congrats to the all the people who ran the marathon!!! I hope you enjoyed the gatorade!