Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Missoula Marathon Registration Update

People often ask me, “Vic, how many people have signed up for the 2011 Missoula Marathon? How does that compare to last year? Are there any people from strange and far away places, like Mount Pleasant, Michigan; Mahwah, New Jersey; Wasilla, Alaska; or Freidorf, Switzerland? And are you planning to finally run the Missoula Marathon or Half Marathon this year?”

OK, no one asks about specific cities, or whether I’m going to run the half marathon, but if they did, I would have the answers. For example, as of March 23rd, we had the following totals:
• 325 in the half marathon (compared to 369 at this time last year)
• 418 in the marathon (compared to 391 at this time last year)

So, we’re ahead on the full, behind on the half. And with entry fees going up substantially after May 18, and even more from July 1 on ($120 for a marathon entry), there is no good way to predict how many people will actually sign up for the 2011 races.

I do know that entrants will be coming from all over the United States and Canada, as well as Scotland and Switzerland (a father and son from Freidorf). So far, no one from Rhode Island or West Virginia has signed up.

We do have one person each from the cities listed above – and, no, Sarah Palin is not the entrant from Wasilla. Closer to home, 104 Missoulians have signed up, while Spokane, Helena, Kalispell, and Austin round out the top five. Yep, so far 13 runners from Austin, Texas are planning to run in Missoula.
~Vic Mortimer


Anonymous said...

LOL at the Palin comment. And thank doG.

Martin Dekker said...

And the guy from the Netherlands has signed up!