Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Run Wild Missoula Member Profile: Julia Hunt

Name: Julia Hunt

Age: 67

Place of birth: Albany, NY

Occupation: Retired

Interests other than running? Bird watching, hiking, camping, biking, nordic skiing, snow shoeing, gardening, photography, yoga, traveling, reading

How long have you been running? 33 years

Do you have your next race planned? Probably the Tree Run

What is your favorite running route? I live on a frontage road so usually run there. It has several hills so is a good training route. I do like running new places though, esp trails.

What do you get out of running? Or how does running personally benefit you? I started running to lose weight after I quit smoking. If I take long breaks from running (several months once because of injury) I always feel awful. Running boosts my spirit and I love the camaraderie of the races.

How do you maintain your motivation to do the distance? I guess I try to internalize the Nike slogan. "Just do it".

Running Pets? I have cats. They don't run well. :o)

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Terry Stekly the newsletter begins a new series on member profiles. We hope that you will enjoy getting to know Run Wild Missoula members and we encourage you to say “hi” to them next time your paths cross.

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