Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Story – Missoula Marathon

My name is Brenda Ritter, I was born and raised in Missoula. I graduated from Big Sky High School in 2003 and immediately left Missoula to join the United States Air Force. I am not in the Air Force anymore, but my husband is; we are currently stationed in Florida.

My husband is currently deployed to Iraq so I moved back home to Missoula while he is gone for 7 months. He is due to return home the first week in July, I signed us both up for the Missoula Half Marathon. He is training on a treadmill in the gym. (It is too dangerous and too hot to run outside where he is.)

I am a new member of Run Wild Missoula and am training with the marathon training class. I have a few things on my bucket list, one is to run a marathon. I ran my first 5K a few weeks ago, will be running the 10K at the Riverbank Run, and if all goes as planned, will be running the half marathon with my husband on July 10th.

I figure these are good steps toward the eventual completion of a full marathon someday. I am so grateful for the running community in Missoula and all the opportunities to run in the city I love. I love running because it helps me deal with the stress of my husband being gone and being in a dangerous situation. It gives me something constructive to do with my time, I feel better every time I run. Many people have asked me recently if I am a runner, and my answer is "No, but I want to be!"
~Brenda Ritter


Darrell said...

Based on what I just read, Brenda - you ARE a runner! See you and your husband in Missoula. I'm running the full.

contests said...

Please convey my thumbs up to your husband for training for MM! I am sure I talk for many Missoula runners when I say I am proud of him, for what he is doing, and that he keeps running under such stressful conditions.
I keep my fingers crossed that he makes it to Missoula in time for the race and that both of you have a wonderful time running the half marathon and enjoying time together! Hell, it does not matter if you are a runner or a walker, what matters is that you are on the move, that you are happy about doing it, that you make friends doing it, and occasionally break some sweat…
We are looking forward to seeing your husband in July under the Big, beautiful, and friendly Sky…