Monday, May 16, 2011

Back of the Pack is Up and Running (at whatever pace)

The Back of the Pack (BOP) had a social and organization meeting March 21. The following ideas and action items emerged from that meeting:

EVENTS: BOP will hold monthly fun run/walks at different locations around the community. Events will be hosted by BOPers from the neighborhood; food and drink arrangements will vary.
• Our first event, April 22 at Maclay Flats, was hosted by Lisa Boothe, Randy Frazier, Rachelle McPhee, and Donna Bennett. About 20 people gathered for a 3-4 mile run or walk and socialized afterward over a potluck of colorful snacks.
• Our next event will be May 20, 7pm, Frenchtown Pond State Park. Hosts are Kevin and Carol Drake.
• Hosts have stepped forward and dates will soon be set for events in June (the Bitterroot), July (the Rattlesnake), and August (Bonner).

BUDDY LOCATOR: Sue Falsey set up a survey and sorted the results of our initial efforts to match interested BOPers by pace, schedule, and neighborhood. Results will be posted as a link from the BOP page on the Run Wild website.

BANDANNAS: BOPers would like to meet one another at group events. We decided on a bright green bandanna, which can be affixed and displayed in any number of ways. We have found a supplier, and are looking for sponsors so that bandannas can be provided free of charge.

CHEERLEADERS: Marathoners at the Back of the Pack are used to tired volunteers, depleted food supplies, and a general sense of missing the party at the end of a race. The BOP is organizing a special force of volunteers for the Missoula Marathon this year. We will provide fresh, enthusiastic cheerleaders at key aid stations and the finish line, and will make a point of providing fresh food that doesn’t look like dregs from the day before.

VIEW FROM THE BACK: Watch for articles aimed at slower runners and walkers in each monthly issue of Running Wild.

LAST BEST FINISHER: Last Best Finisher Awards were presented for the first time at the SuperFUNd Run on April 16. For a description of the award, see .

If you are interested in becoming involved with the BOP, drop me a note at
~Pam Gardiner, Leader of the Back

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