Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wear Your Support for Run Wild Missoula

There are lots of ways to support Run Wild Missoula: renew your membership (We hope you will all do that over and over again!), register for a race, join a training class or go for a run or walk with a friend and tell him or her about Run Wild Missoula. You can also wear your support for Run Wild Missoula.

You all need clothes to wear when you run or walk, right? Why not buy something that says “Run Wild Missoula?” It’s also a great choice when running an out-of-town race—a great way to show everyone where you are from. Run Wild Missoula has three choices of apparel available right now: long sleeved Saucony half zip tops in green for women and blue for men, short sleeved Sportscience technical t-shirts in light green for both men and women, and orange Brooks tanks for summer racing. Run Wild Missoula members get 10% off merchandise.

Run Wild Missoula is lucky to have the support of the Runner’s Edge, which sells all of these items for Run Wild Missoula in their store. The shirts are displayed on the wall of the store and the Runner’s Edge staff is happy to give you different sizes to try on. The Runner’s Edge will give you the 10% discount for Run Wild Missoula members. We also sell the items on Visit the “about us” tab and click on “store” to purchase the shirts with a credit card and have them shipped to your home. Get the 10% discount by logging into the web site with your username and password. Run Wild Missoula also has a credit card terminal at the Runner’s Edge for your convenience.

Run Wild Missoula shirts also make a great gift for your runner and non-runner friends. Friends and family from out of town will get a kick out of wearing something that says “Run Wild Missoula” and “Missoula, Montana.”

Brooks racing singlets Wear your support for Run Wild Missoula during a local or out of town race. These tanks say “RWM” on the front and “Run Wild Missoula” down the side. They come in a stand-out orange color for both men and women’s sizes. Sizes: Men- S, M, L, XL; Women- XS, S, M, L, XL. Cost: $20 or $18 for Run Wild Missoula members.

Sportscience technical tops They are a polyester/cotton blend-- finally a technical top that feels soft. This shirt can be worn on a run or for a casual look with jeans. The front says "Run Wild Missoula, Missoula, Montana" and has our slogan "Lace 'em up" on one sleeve and our colorful logo on the other. We chose heather green for men's and women's styles. Sizes: Men- S, M, L, XL; Women- XS, S, M, L, XL. Cost: $30 for or $27 for Run Wild Missoula members.

Saunony long sleeved half-zips These tops have a detachable light that is rechargeable on your USB port. They have the Run Wild Missoula logo on the upper right hand front and "Run Wild Missoula, Missoula, Montana" on the center back. The tops are an essential winter item. Sizes: Men- S, M, L, XL; Women- XS, S, M, L, XL. Cost: $65 or $58.50 for Run Wild Missoula members.

Thanks for wearing your support for Run Wild Missoula!

Keep Runnin’ & Walkin’,
- Eva Dunn-Froebig


b2theburns said...

loving the orange singlet...any way to get them shipped or should I have someone in Missoula pick one up at Runner's Edge for me?

Rye said...

You can buy the shirts online here:

b2theburns said...

Thank you!!