Friday, May 20, 2011

Run Wild Missoula Member Profiles: Maureen Lympus & Pam Estill

This RWM Member Profile highlights running partners Maureen Lympus and Pam Estill at the Run for the Trees

Occupations: Dental Hygienist (M) and Clinical Nurse Manager (P)
Personality: Extrovert (M) and Introvert (P)
How long have you been running partners? We met last spring at the RWM/Momentum Trail Running Class.
What made you pair up? We have very similar speeds. On some days, I am able to push Maureen and on others, she pushes me.
What do you want out of running? I want to run and race hopefully into my 80’s. (M) To be strong and fit, both mentally and physically. Running is what keeps me sane. (P)
Who are your heroes? The women that are still running like Ethel, and the women that are so darn fast.(M) A local hero is Lindsay Corbin; I envy her strength, endurance, and speed. A life hero- I don’t know, there are many. I admire people with integrity and perseverance (P)
What one word or sentence sums you up as partners in running? Synchronicity

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Terry Stekly the newsletter begins a new series on member profiles. We hope that you will enjoy getting to know Run Wild Missoula members and we encourage you to say “hi” to them next time your paths cross.

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