Monday, May 9, 2011

Thank You, Bridgett Moriarty

Run Wild Missoula has been lucky enough to have hundreds of dedicated volunteers. Some of these volunteers stand out, though, because they give above and beyond. One of these volunteers is Bridgett Moriarty. Bridgett recently resigned from the Run Wild Missoula Board of Directors to spend more time with her family and start focusing on other interests. We wonder how Bridgett had time to continue with all of her volunteer commitments with Run Wild Missoula in addition to the amount of time she spent training in the first place!

Bridgett joined Run Wild Missoula when she joined the Beginner Runner Training Class a few years ago. Since then she has been co-director of the Pengelly Double & Single Dip, Missoula Marathon Registration Assistant, Secretary of the Run Wild Missoula Committee, and coach of the Beginner Runner Training Class. She has volunteered for almost every Run Wild Missoula race and gives her time to do training class aid stations. Bridgett has volunteered so much that I’m sure I’m missing something else she has done for the club and the running community.

On top of all of this, Bridgett still finds time to train. She recently trained with the Boston Marathon Training Class and competed in the Eugene Marathon on May 1. It’s an inspiration to see how far Bridgett has come with her running in the past few years.

When I asked Bridgett what her goals were for Run Wild Missoula when she joined the Board last spring she said: “I would like to see Run Wild Missoula become a club that is just synonymous with the Missoula community, and I would like to see us reach out and promote healthy, inexpensive recreation to everyone. I am in this for the runner and walker. I get a real kick out of seeing so many people out on a beautiful spring day, running and walking (and biking). I would like to hear more people complaining about traffic on the Kim Williams Trail than on the drive home from work.” Thank you, Bridgett, for striving toward this goal.
-Eva Dunn-Froebig

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